About us

Mazurka Music and Art (herein MM&A) has maintained an active profile on the Edmonton performing arts scene since its inaugural concert on 2009, featuring the Edmonton premiere of the Chopin Piano Concertos with String Quintet, performed before a sold-out audience at the Convocation Hall at the University of Alberta. Since then, MM&A has gone on to put on events annually and biannually, contributing to Edmonton’s performing arts scene and engaging with local artists and musicians. 


As part of its mandate, the MM&A is unique in encouraging the collaboration between visual arts and musical performance, and aims to engender further collaboration with literature and dance. This interdisciplinary approach to artistic presentation is unique to the vision of Mazurka Music and Art, which ultimately is seeking to promote the interaction between artistic genres, offering new perspectives for artistic expression.  


Over the course of 7 years of activity, MM&A has continued to enlarge its audience, and has collaborated on numerous projects with various organisations in the Edmonton region. Organisations which have enjoyed collaboration with MM&A over the years include the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the University of Alberta, Canadian Hungarian Heritage Inc., the Polish Culture Society of Edmonton, ChopinAlberta2010, and the Czech and Slovak Society for Arts and Sciences. Of particular note was the 2009 collaboration with New Music Edmonton which featured the Warszynski Trio in the performance of new works of contemporary Canadian composers alongside visual artwork displayed on stage by prominent Edmonton artists. Events such as these will continue to be integral to the vision of MM&A, all the while continuing to produce outstanding concerts through live performances by local, national, and international artists.


In June of 2017, Mazurka Music and Art was incorporated in Alberta as a non-profit Society, with a mission to be active on the Edmonton Arts scene. 

Mikolaj Warszynski, D.Mus

President, Artistic Director

Liz Ingram


Teresa Klimowicz


Frank Coughlan

Vice President

Tatiana Warszynski

Vice President