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community outreach program 2024

Starting January 2024, please join us on the 2nd Saturday of every month and participate in visual art and music classes free of charge. All classes will take place at the Parkallen Community Hall in Edmonton. To register, please email and specify which classes you are signing up for. See poster below for more info:

Parkallen Community Outreach Poster (3)-1.jpg

Beethoven Lecture Recital: Part 1

Pastoral Sonata, Op. 28
Cultural Context:
Pastoral Art, Natural Philosophy, Ecological Impact

Beethoven Lecture Recital: Part 2

Please join Dr. Mikolaj Warszynski for a lecture-recital series on Beethoven’s ‘Tempest’ and ‘Pastoral’ Sonatas, in six weekly video segments.

Pastoral Sonata, Op. 28

Analysis - Lecture and Performance


In this second video of the Beethoven Lecture Recital series, Dr. Mikolaj Warszynski will focus on the intricacies of the inner workings of the Pastoral Sonata, Op. 28, providing an overview of each movement while demonstrating on the piano!

Some insightful connections linking this sonata with other well-known compositions will also be explored - from Pachelbel's Canon to Help! by the Beatles.

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week: Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Shakespeare and Ludwig...
The complete lecture and performance coming in June! 

Celebrating Dvorak!

ZUMI piano duo performs the complete cycle of Dvorak Legends for piano duet, Op. 59 (Ten in Total)

in conjunction with a selection of art reproductions taken from Alfons Mucha's monumental Slav Epic.


This event is taking place under the auspices of the Czechoslovak Society for the Arts and Sciences of Alberta. The concert is available on YouTube Mazurka Channel.

(click on the picture)

Fundraising concerts 2021 in support of mazurka music and art society in edmonton

Artists 2021:



Tatiana Warszynski - violin

Maya Budzinski- violin

ZUMI Piano Duo

image0 (11).jpeg

July  10th, 2021:  Glenora
Special thanks to our host: Ela Tuszynska
July 17th, 2021:  Windsor Park
Special thanks to our host: Marilyn Gas
July 18th, 2021: Pleasantview
Special thanks to our host: Wendy Austin



Fiser Piano Sonatas


Fiser Sonata I. (Live-stream from July 25th)

Fiser Sonata III. (Live-stream from July 18th)



Fiser Sonata IV. (Live-stream from August 1st)


Fiser Sonata V. (Live-stream from August 8th)

Fiser Sonata VI. (Live-stream from September 12th)

Fiser Sonata VII. (Live-stream from September 19th)

Fiser Sonata VIII. (Live-stream from September 26th)


Mothers day at winspear!

Please join Tatiana Warszynski and her son Mikolaj Warszynski for an upcoming concert:

"Live At The Winspear: From Stage to Screen" series. 


The live stream begins on Mother's Day, May 10th, at 9 AM ( MDT)

and you can also watch it any time after that.




Beautiful music by Anton Rubinstein, Clara and Robert Schumann as well as Fryderyk Chopin will fill your heart with joy and hope for a better tomorrow.


Enjoy this performance from the Winspear stage!    

unnamed (1).jpg
12 oct thali ringing
Thali Ringing v3.jpg

“Thali Ringing” is the title of an exciting multimedia collaboration, taking place on October 12 at 7:30pm, featuring acoustic and electronic contemporary music and poetry, followed by a visual art exhibit in our Fundraising Pop Up Gallery, all in the friendly atmosphere of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church located on 10037-84 Avenue in Edmonton, Allberta.


The show takes its name after Scott Smallwood’s ​electro-acoustic trio “Thali Ringing” imitating the cool sounds of a Thali plate featuring cello, violin and piano, and there will also be an improvised dialog between piano solo and electronics featuring Shawn Pinchbeck​ and ​Mikolaj Warszynski​. ​

Jonathan Maywood’s​ acoustic trio illustrating the ocean's waves, as well as the two short but sensual violin solo pieces by the Toronto composer ​Veronika Krausas and Polish Canadian ​Piotr Grella-Mozejko​, will be performed by musicians well-known to Edmonton audiences: ​Tatiana Warszynski​ on violin, ​Amy Nicholson​ on cello and ​Mikolaj Warszynski on piano.

Music will combine with poetry written and recited by the renowned Nigerian poet, ​Titilope Sonuga,​ as well as Edmonton’s own ​Bernd Hildebrandt​. Their poems will be intertwined with electronica by both Scott Smallwood and Shawn Pinchbeck, bringing new dimensions to the spoken word.

Following the concert, there will be a​ Fundraising Pop Up Art Gallery​, an amazing visual art collection by local yet nationally recognized artists:​ Steven Dixon, John Maywood, Lyndal Osborne ​and ​Kelly Johner​, who donated their works for this event to support the Mazurka Music and Art Society. Thanks to their generosity we are hoping to raise funds for our series of exciting concerts for 2019/20 season.

A reception with wine and cheese and a lottery will take place during the art exhibit in the church's gallery. Please join us and be part of this exciting multimedia collaboration.


Tickets: Regular $20, Senior $15, Student $10

23 nov
Magical Afternoon with Brahms

Czech Canadian pianist Zuzana Simurdova will perform a recital of works by Johannes Brahms.


The program will feature Scherzo Op.4 and the magnificent Brahms Sonata Op. 5.


Together with a guest pianist, Mikolaj Warszynski,

they will perform a selection of Hungarian Dances.


Please join us for a Magical Afternoon with Brahms at the Holy Trinity Church.

Tickets: Regular $20, Senior $15, Student $10

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