season 2021/22

"shape of things"


SEPTEMBER 26th, 2021

Sunday at 3PM


Holy Trinity Church 

10037 84 Ave, Edmonton AB

Tatiana Warszynski’s Solo Violin CD: Shape of Things

Featuring Tatiana and guests.

Pop Up Art Exhibit presenting artists within the community

FEBRUARY 26th, 2022 

Saturday at 7PM


MUTTART HALL        MacEwan Conservatory, 10050 MacDonald Drive, Edmonton

Chopin and the Dancing Ribbons


In honour of the 10-year anniversary since the inaugural concert of Mazurka Music and Art, renowned pianists Zuzana Simurdova and Mikolaj Warszynski, will perform a recital dedicated to the works of Frédéric Chopin in the Muttart Hall of the MacEwan Conservatory in Edmonton.


In addition to the music, an art installation by artists Liz Ingram (recently awarded the Order of Canada) and Bernd Hildebrandt, will also be presented on stage during the performance. The musical program for this recital will consist of the four Chopin Ballades, performed in the first half by Zuzana Simurdova, and the four Chopin Scherzos, performed in the second half by Mikolaj Warszynski. The art installation will consist of a series of digitally printed habotai silk banners, which relate in both imagery and movement to the music and will be set up on the stage around the pianos. 

The idea to present a classical piano recital in collaboration with a visual artistic component, offers a new dimension to the traditional concert experience, engaging the listener with a visual counterpart to the music. The idea to present a full Chopin recital between two musicians is something which generates much excitement among the audience; Chopin remains an iconiccomposer who is synonymous with the piano, and the opportunity to present masterworks from Chopin’s corpus - the four Ballades and the four Scherzos - in one concert presentation is a rare occurrence and will be of special interest for musical connoisseurs. 

MAY 15th, 2022

Sunday at 3PM


Holy Trinity Church 

10037 84 Ave, Edmonton AB

young artists concert
& art exhibit

This concert will feature young talented virtuoso violinists, saxophonist and pianists!

smetana piano trio
& Noskowski piano quartet

JUNE, 2022 

Exact date & time: TBA


MUTTART HALL        MacEwan Conservatory, 10050 MacDonald Drive, Edmonton

The Mazurka String Ensemble


Zuzana Simurdova & Mikolaj Warszynski - PIANO